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One Sparkling Moment

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Blog,

Talk about a whirlwind! I know I will look back at this time of my life as the most insanely busy, but also some the most exciting years.


1. The business cards were officially in my hand. THANK YOU Ryder Graphics – you guys are my favorite people right now! They did such a great job, and Kyle Hawkins has just been awesome to work with.

2. The website went live and looks fantastic! There are still a few updates to make, but I imagine it will evolve and morph a lot over the next year. THANK YOU Greg for doing an incredible job on the programming, and THANK YOU Russ for designing this gorgeous site, and THANK YOU Benjamin, Paula, and Jen for the freaking awesome photography. You guys are the cream of the crop. www.studioabsolute. com – check it out!!

3. The last two months of working with Let’s Make a Space on their marketing and creative culminated with an “absolutely” incredible VIP Party. We had about 160 special guests in their new retail location. The blue drinks were flowing, the music was pounding, and the gorgeous fem-bots put on a runway style furniture fashion show that was out of this world! Guests left saying they’d expect to attend a party like this in San Fransisco – not Bend, Oregon. Pictures and video forthcoming!!

After everyone left, we spent a few hours just hanging out with the Let’s Make a Space team and making sure that no open bottles of champagne went to waste. There was uncontrollable laughter, blue-drink-induced-dancing, and even an unexpected wrestling match that ended with one broken champagne flute and a fat lip. Not mine, as much as I probably deserved it! Sorry Joey – I love you.


So tomorrow morning was supposed to be the much anticipated grand opening, but alas, the city inspector couldn’t come to sign off on the new facility for reasons unknown. Today was a lesson in reverse publicity – how quickly can we get the word out that: NO, the store will NOT be open tomorrow. But at the same time – we’ve got to carry the existing momentum and excitement over to next Saturday. Our success depends on how that message is delivered – even the tone of the announcement must remain consistent with the Let’s Make a Space brand. It has to breathe excitement, drama, entertainment, and surprise! And you know what, Blog? It was simple because their brand speaks for itself. Their business model is built around suspense, surprise, and radical change, so the drama behind the grand opening is actually to our benefit. We’re going to take this extra week before next Saturday, and leverage the drama to create even more buzz and curiosity. It’ll be perfect. I’m excited. :)

Check out the fashion show!

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